Juniper Knolls the Latest Notre Dame Condos Not to be Built

by Nick Molnar on May 18, 2008

Since we’ve started tracking condos and townhomes in the Notre Dame / South Bend / Mishawaka area, there have been quite a few new developments announced. A few are complete, a few are scrapped and most are underway. Here’s my first attempt to track them. If I’ve left any off, please mention them in the comments and I’ll try to come up with a comprehensive list.

announced or proposed but never built

  • Game Day – Proposed as the tallest building in South Bend. The site has since been earmarked for a standard hotel.
  • Colfax Place – Holladay’s high priced downtown condos that never made it past the model stage though a sales banner still hangs from the building.
  • Main Street Condos – The top few floors of the JMS building, it never got past an entry in the mls from what I can tell.
  • Juniper Knolls – This townhome project at Juniper and Cleveland couldn’t get approval from the County Council

in progress

  • Irish Crossings – These high end units are being built more rapidly than the others in the area and seem to be selling well with 4 closings to date this year.
  • North Douglas condos – One building is complete, and about 3/4 sold. The builder reports the second building will be ready this summer.
  • Keenan Court – The first closing took place recently, and the first building seems to be done.
  • Stadium Village – scaled back to two buildings, but under construction
  • Eddy Street Commons – Grants have been given for the earth moving in this slow moving project.
  • Townes at Kamm Island – Mishawaka’s south of the river condos have a beautiful model unit.
  • Riverwalk Townhomes – Masons are currently at work on these north of the river condos in Mishawaka.
  • Stonebridge at Edison Lakes – These are in a tucked away location that many people won’t find, but  are following a franchised model that has been successful in other cities.


  • Wexford Place – successful 8-unit complex
  • Waterford – I believe the renovations are complete in this condo-hotel at the site of the former Ramada on 933 in Roseland. The condo-hotel concept is not readily accepted in South Bend, but they have sold some units, and have recently listed others in the mls.

unclear status at this time

  • Notre Dame Avenue Townhomes – I’m not certain the status of these, it currently seems to be an abandoned project.
  • Legacy Village – proposed project on Ironwood, not wanted by the neighbors, but not officially rejected
  • Stadium Club – The former College Park Apartments, a few of the units are apparently still available as condos, but watch for this to convert fully back to apartments at some point.

For more information about the Notre Dame / South Bend / Mishawaka condos, review the South Bend Area Blog’s articles tagged condo, visit the South Bend Condo Profiles, or hop over to Notre Dame Pads.

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Stan Wruble May 19, 2008 at 8:09 am

It’s a shame Colfax Place didn’t generate any sales. Downtown SB could use more residents.


NDtom May 19, 2008 at 10:08 am

I think you meant Stadium Club not Stadium Village in the last entry paragraph. Also, why Juniper Knolls wasn’t approved seems silly, it would have been the nicest residences in the area and would have added to the tax rolls….what else is going to go there except commercial (short sighted neighbors in my opinion that didn’t want anything to get built, period). Would be curious to see what the closing prices for the Keenan Court units were. I don’t think Waterford Estates Lodge ever sold out completely??? Eddy Street Commons seems to the victim of the overall real estate downturn and hard to get financing…the plans are there and if the money was there it would have been going repaidly, I think the whole thing may have been a bit too ambitious…another strip mall area for South Bend???


Nick Molnar May 19, 2008 at 11:58 pm

Thanks for the catch NDtom, I’ve corrected the name to Stadium Club. Developers, please use more dissimilar names in the future.


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