Oak Hill Condo Listed For Lowest Price in 5 Years

January 24, 2011

Oak Hill is not fancy. In fact, nearly every other condo/townhouse complex near Notre Dame is bigger, nicer and offers better parking. But Oak Hill is generally the most affordable.  Oak Hill, which was built around 1988, was the the first popular condo complex next to Notre Dame. New London Lake, built around 1978 has […]

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Watch the Construction of Your Condo

September 2, 2010

If you are buying an unfinished condo or townhouse near Notre Dame but don’t live in South Bend you can still keep an eye on the construction of your condo. A dozen photos of the interior taken once a week will let you watch your place come together. It may even help you catch any […]

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54662 Irish Crossings Lane: Carefree Luxury Near Notre Dame

June 29, 2010

There are five developments near the University of Notre Dame that offer recently-built, high-end condos or townhomes. Reflecting the best traits of a competitive market, each boasts a different blend of attractive features and not-so-nice details. One has a large deck but the parking situation is poor. Another has gated parking but the units are […]

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Ivy Quad’s 2009 Sales Prices

March 5, 2010

editor’s update, 1/28/11: The four buildings that make up phase 1 of Ivy Quad are nearly complete. For updated information, including 2010 sales prices and recent photos, visit our January 2011 Ivy Quad Update. I’ve never liked secrets. I’m a believer that good things are better when shared, and poor behavior is lessened when exposed. […]

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New Townhomes Proposed for Old Rink Site

February 19, 2010

A South Bend land developer has announced his intention to build moderately priced townhomes downtown South Bend. David Matthews, developer of Ivy Quad, and formerly associated with Keenan Court, spoke before South Bend’s redevelopment commission about his proposal for the the roughly one acre piece of land north of Colfax Avenue at the river. This lot […]

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