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by Nick Molnar on March 29, 2007

StreetAdvisor recently came out of it’s testing phase and is now fully functional. It allows you to rate your street (not your house) for everything from “neighborly spirit” to “cell-phone reception.” So far there are no reviews for South Bend Streets, but if you have something to say about your street, this is your opportunity to make your views known and searchable.

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peggyjean April 4, 2007 at 10:48 pm

2007 started loft living in an apartment for me, located in the 100 block of downtown Mishawaka. It feels like the genesis of exciting times for this town named after an Indian princess.

CVS just opened its fine store with generous hours and it appears to be thriving with a friendly crew. It is located at the tip of the new Beutter Park where I see kite flying already this spring and the appearance of persons of all ages breathing fresh warm air. Within the past ten years I’ve joined many of you in seeing the greening of the old Uniroyal site, the sculptures and landscaping transforming an unsightly area, but fond era of the past.

I am awaiting the riverwalk completion with condominiums, shopping and other surprises. May I express my gratitude to those who have been diligently planning this for years. From here it is a skip to the library, Bonnie Doons, The Phoenix – with live entertainment, coffee shops, Eve’s, the post office, banking and a particular favorite of mine – “Carol’s Downtown” – ‘Home of the Awesome Breakfast.’ For me that is the 10 to 12 inch blueberry pancake. It delights me with taste, has the healthiest fruit throughout and lets me take the remainder home for another meal of two. I’ve taken these pancakes to work and made believers of my co-workers. The last time I was in there I saw a beautiful omelet pass me by. That is next on my list.
Antiques etc. is a longtime pleasant stop, especially when it includes eating upstairs at “Thyme and Grace” for lunch.
Nearby is the Mishawaka Police Department and neither it nor the CVS blocks my birdseye view of the river or the activity. Admittedly it gets a bit noisy with traffic and sirens at times but I’m adjusting and it reminds me that Mishawaka’s finest is looking out for my safety.

My childhood memories started a mile away, including my gradeschool and church. I’m reminded frequently of my great grandparents who brought the Original Kamm and Schellinger Brewery here from Germany to help jumpstart this small town. I’ve lived in the country, in many subdivisions and in Texas and I feel very fortunate to be exactly where I am now, like coming home to witness a new chapter of the city and my life.


peggyjean April 5, 2007 at 11:54 pm

I forgot to mention The Main Street Grill and Beiger Mansion for fine dining , and the Mishawaka Landmark Doc. Pierce’s.


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