Google Maps Updates South Bend Imagery

by Nick Molnar on June 16, 2011

Google Maps and Earth recently updated their imagery of the South Bend Area, resulting in maps that show crisp and recent views of the new construction near Notre Dame. Most images appear to be from April 28, 2011. If you combine these new photos with Google Earth’s historical imagery, you can quickly get a sense of the growth of the area since 1998.

You can also create a striking series of images showing the construction of Eddy Street Commons or the condos near campus. For example, here are four screenshots of the area containing Ivy Quad, Irish Crossings, Wexford Place and the Irish Row Apartments.

April 1998

March 2005

October 2008

April 2011


These give a great 2,000 foot view of the area. If you want a more granular look at the housing options near Notre Dame, send me a note.



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South Bender June 17, 2011 at 11:49 am

Cool. Neat to see the development progression photos. I looked at the new google maps photos of the other developments too. Clearly, Irish Crossings dwarfs everything else except obviously Eddy Street Commons which is really a mini-downtown development. Looks like Irish Crossings should be wrapping up the last building there…will have to drive by and see if that last foundation is in yet.

I think I had seen a number where the sales prices of the 83 total units in Irish Crossings will be around $35M. Nice tax base for the county especially with non-residents owning and paying taxes. On-campus housing is nice but those don’t pay taxes like the private townhomes, apartments, and condos. Other than Eddy Street Commons, I can’t think of a private residential development in that ballpark near campus ever. Irish Crossings is bigger than the Champions Way City Homes in units and overall sales price.

Stadium Village Townhomes is built out. Wexford Place has been built out for a while. The Irish Row Apartments is expanding. All good to have on the tax rolls for the county. Will be interesting to see the pace of construction for Eddy Street Commons and Ivy Quad as both have a long way to go.


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