What’s in Your Gas Tank?

by Nick Molnar on April 30, 2006

New Energy Corporation in South Bend, IN

New Energy Corporation, or “The Ethanol Plant” to South Bend residents, is noticeable for it’s industrial look in an agricultural setting. This is fitting, considering it takes Midwestern corn, and turns it into fuel. In 2005, it produced more than 100 million gallons of ethanol. A portion of this is mixed with gasoline and distributed as “E85” a gasoline-ethanol mix that is available at some gas stations.

While the ethanol plant has generated occasional complaints for odor, it produces an alternative to petroleum based fuels, is among the 100 largest employer in St. Joseph County, and is the only enthanol producing facility in the state. Federal tax credits and a push towards renewable energy sources should prompt its future growth.

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