What Doesn’t Work

by Nick Molnar on August 8, 2006

While there are anecdotal exceptions and other reasons for their existence, the following do not sell houses in Michiana:

  • Public Open Houses. These are hit or miss at creating traffic. Those that bring people in are used by agents to gain new clients, not to sell the hosting house.
  • Broker Open Houses. These are rare in Michiana. They are mostly ignored by brokers and agents.
  • Magazine Ads. There are local real estate magazines that claim wide distribution. They feature small photos and little information. Couple their lack of organization with the inability to search them and you’ll see why they are mostly unread.
  • Newspaper Ads. All the downsides of magazines without their targeted audience.
  • Direct Mailings. Ineffective at best, often simply an irritant.
  • Billboards, Benches and Other Realtor Self Promotion. Generates an ego boost and an occasional listing. Won’t help sell your house.

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