What Does Work

by Nick Molnar on August 9, 2006

How to Sell a House in Michiana – The Short List:

  • Get Good Photos on Highly Visible Web-Sites. Homebuyers start online. Put yourself in their shoes and predict what they will Google. Then run relevant searches like South Bend, Indiana Real Estate or “luxury homes” +”Granger, Indiana” and view the top the results. The same sites that you find impressive are the ones your eventual buyer will find useful.
  • Yard Signs with Great Fliers. When people see a For Sale sign in their favorite neighborhood, they notice the house. A low-tech flier is still the best way to quickly answers their questions and highlights the interior of the home so they can determine if it merits further action.
  • Placement in your region’s MLS. Most buyers see these listings on one of the Web-sites that offers a free MLS search, or with assistance from their Realtor. It is the most complete listing database and its data makes its way many places – Realtor.com, RE/MAX and similar sites.
  • Proper Staging / Preparation. TV shows like Design on a Dime and Sell This House have it right. Dirty, dated or cluttered homes sell slowly. Clean, bright homes and attractive decor encourage offers.
  • Realtor Networking. Educators talk in the teacher’s lounge. Programmers talk in online forums. And real estate agents talk everywhere. It’s a rare day I don’t hear “Do you have anything nice near [insert local landmark] ?”
  • Aggressive Pricing. The best homes at each price sell first. The rest compete for second place.

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