South Bend Condos

by Nick Molnar on September 20, 2006

Condominiums are common in large cities where they are a less expensive housing option than single family homes. Because a number of residences share the same footprint, they don’t need as much land in neighborhoods where space is in short supply.

Condos make practical and economical sense when you need to pack more people into the same space. Recently though, cities without a land crunch have also seen a rise in the number of condo developments. In these cities condos are marketed as upscale alternatives for people who don’t want to spend their time on yard work. The aging baby boom suggests the demand for such living options should grow for the foreseeable future.

South Bend doesn’t have many condos, but the number is growing. There are condos in at least eight locations:

Many are near Notre Dame University and target students or football fans. Here is a link to an early version of the South Bend Condo Guide, a Web-site with interactive maps, photos and information for South Bend Condos.

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Adam September 26, 2006 at 10:30 am

Also the Riverpoint Condo’s which are at the corner of Niles and Corby in South Bend.


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