Inside, outside, upside down

by Tracy Molnar on October 6, 2006

There’s a long standing legend\belief that when selling your home, you should bury a St Joseph statue in your yard.  The origination of this belief varies from source to source as does the dictated placement of these little statues.  Some say it should be placed in the front yard, lying on its back, facing up.  Others say the statue should be in the back yard, upside down, facing the street.  Regardless of the placement, the end result promises to be a speedier sale of your home.  Home Selling Kits sometimes include the statue, history and instructional booklets.

Some Catholic clergy dismiss the idea as nothing but a superstition.  Whether you believe in the divine intervention or not, it’s also wise to take other practical steps in selling your home.  This includes cleaning and staging your home, completing any necessary repairs, setting the price to fair market value, and enlisting a Realtor you trust.

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