Buy Your Family a Christmas Present That Lasts

by Nick Molnar on December 16, 2006

It’s Winter, school is in session, and the holidays are approaching. It may not seem like a good time to move, but there are a few compelling reasons you you should consider it, especially if you are currently renting. There are fewer buyers to compete with than in the Spring, there are a lot of great homes on the market, and mortgage rates are attractive.

Consider these two houses, each of which you could own for a monthly payment far lower than the rent on a 3 bedroom apartment at Castle Point.

418 Niles Avenue in Mishawaka (below left) has 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, a porch, patio, basement and garage. It’s also across the street from Merrifield Park and the river. It’s listed for $90,000. Bill Rensberger of 1st Midwest Mortgage calculates that with no money down and good credit, using a “75-25” 1st and 2nd mortgage your total payment would be about $641 a month including taxes + about $50 a month for hazard insurance. Total payment: about $691 a month.

1010 S. 35th St (below right) in South Bend’s River Park neighborhood. It has a covered porch, rear yard with new deck and shed, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and lots of storage in an attic and basement. It’s listed at $92,000. Using the same assumptions (good credit, no money down and a “75-25” mortgage) your payment would be about $646 a month including taxes. Adding the same $50 a month for insurance yields a total monthly payment of about $696 a month.

For more details about these houses, click on the photo of your choice. To see it in person, call or e-mail Nick, 574-309-3758 /

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