Nothing is certain…

by Nick Molnar on April 26, 2006

Property taxes in Indiana have changed since the court ordered reassessment began a few years ago. To keep these taxes as low as possible, you should file any exemptions you are eligible for by the state deadline.

The deadline to file your property tax exemptions in Indiana has been extended from May 10th to June 10th. The most common exemptions are the homestead exemption for your primary residence, and the mortgage exemption for properties that are mortgaged.

To file, take the packet of papers you received when closing on your home to the address below. Go to the recorder’s office to get the property tax ID number, owner of the loan, loan balance, and recording number. Take this information to the recorder’s office to file your exemptions. You will receive paper receipts. Save these with your closing documents – if the auditor’s office can’t locate a record of your exemptions, you will need these original receipts to prove you filed the exemptions.

The location to file in St Joseph County is:

227 West Jefferson, 2nd Floor. 574-235-9529

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