Juday Creek: Good Golf, Good Homes

by Joe Molnar on August 27, 2008


Juday Creek

Juday Creek


There are a lot of great golf courses in and around South Bend.  Juday Creek is one of the few courses that has homes situated on the course. It’s a public 18 hole course that I’ve played many times and grown to like very much.  It is a very flat track with few mature trees but many water hazards.  Water comes into play on at least 10 holes.  The fairways are lush and the greens are well maintained and usually fast.  Several of the greens are tricky with severe slopes.  Crazy pin placements can drive you mad at times.

Hole #1 starts your round with an easy par 4.  It has wide open fairway and no hazards except some sand front right and rear left.

There are several holes that offer tempting high risk high reward shots.  Hole #2 is a par 5 reachable in 2 strokes for big hitters.  A good drive needs to be followed by a strong second shot of about 230 yards over a large pond.

Hole #13 is a long par 4 that screams “lay up” on your second shot.  A long drive still leaves you with well over 200 yards to the green and you have to carry a creek to get there.  The approach shot also requires accuracy because it is framed by trees on both sides near the creek.

Hole #14 is a tricky par 4 on the backside that is a severe dogleg left that tempts big hitters to cut the corner.  The problem is a huge waste bunker that catches all but the best hit drives.  Conservative play says hit a 3 wood straight and take a 150 yard iron in to the green.

Hole # 15 is a par 3 with the trickiest green on the course.  Make sure you are beneath the hole because a severely sloping west to east and back to the front make all but the shortest putts from above and left of the hole impossible.
Juday Creek is a fun course and a good test of your game.  Distance is not as important as shot placement on this course that rewards those who stay in the fairways.  Big slices and hooks will mean you need a ball retriever or a fishing pole.


If you have an opinion on Juday Creek’s golf course please let me know.  If you are looking for a game, let me know that too.  I have a group of 16 that plays on Sundays and some Wednesdays.  I love to introduce players to each other.  Many great friendships start this way.
If you’d like to see any of the homes for sale on and near Juday Creek’s golf course, I’d be pleased to help you with that also. There are 8 for sale as of 8/27/08. They’re priced ~$160k-$260k with 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths,  ~1900-3400 sq ft, and 2-car garages. They were built in the 1980s/90s. You can see some photos and basic details here.


-Joe Molnar

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Michael Molnar September 1, 2008 at 5:20 am

I agree that this is an enjoyable course. If you can survive the front nine and stay dry, the backside gives you a real chance to score. Two simple things that this course is missing are benches, and water coolers. If you’re walking plan on being on your feet the whole time and bring your own water. Overall I enjoy this course as it offers a great mixture of challenging holes, and scoring holes.


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