Notre Dame Condo Building Boom Covered in the South Bend Tribune

by Nick Molnar on November 2, 2008

South Bend’s local newspaper, The South Bend Tribune, carried an article that provides an overview of the new condo developments near the University of Notre Dame. Reporters Marti Goodland Helline and Margaret Fosmoe ask the right questions about the continued construction in the face of slacking demand, unfortunately the newspaper format didn’t allow them time to quiz the quoted developers further about their numbers and plans.

In the midst of the bleakest housing market in decades, developers still are marketing or planning to build nearly 1,000 housing and apartment units and nearly 700 hotel rooms around the University of Notre Dame… link to online article (permalink).

One item revealed in the feature is that 15% of the units at Irish Crossings, an upscale group of townhouses near Notre Dame, have been bought by the developer for use as student rentals.

[Developer] Troeger’s company has bought 12 Irish Crossings units to rent to students…

Irish Crossings isn’t the only complex to consider including rentals among their project. North Douglas condos explored the concept but hasn’t rented any units. Stadium Club is pretty much an apartment complex again, despite having condos listed for sale in the South Bend MLS. The inclusion of rentals is noteworthy because some condo buyers hope to avoid living amongst rented units on the belief that rentals aren’t as well tended as condos used by the owners.

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Jane November 2, 2008 at 2:49 pm

You will note that the Irish Crossings rentals are not because of demand to own per se, rather those designated as rentals haven’t even been built yet…only 4 of the 12 have been built. I suspect that there may be tax timing reasons involved more than anything else.


JT November 3, 2008 at 3:45 pm

I haven’t seen actual closings in Stadium Village Townhomes. The “sold” numbers don’t add up there.


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