Mishawaka Condo Owners Lose Lawsuit Over Lost Views

by Nick Molnar on March 22, 2008

Schellinger Square Condominiums are Mishawaka’s original riverfront condos, the 2,450 square foot 3-story units were built in 1971 at the rear of the 100 Center.

Today’s South Bend Tribune has an update on the condo owners’ dispute with the city of Mishawaka over a pedestrian bridge and their river views.

In 2002 the owners of the condos tried unsuccessfully to prevent the city from building a pedestrian bridge spanning the channel that forms Kamm Island and impacting their river views.

In 2004, after the bridge was built, they filed a lawsuit seeking damages. Last week, after one verdict and round of appeals, the result is the condo owners receive no damages, though the city did involuntarily take part of their property for the bridge.

The next appeal is to the Indiana Supreme Court.

Schellinger Square Condominums at the 100 Center and Kamm Island in Mishawaka Indiana

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