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by Nick Molnar on May 24, 2006

Google Earth's View of South BendGoogle Earth allows spectacular “flyovers” of nearly every spot on the planet, and South Bend is no exception. has begun developing a tour of Michiana attractions . You can follow our initial efforts here, and send feedback on spots we’ve missed to .

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Jason June 9, 2006 at 1:08 am

Very nice. Excellent use of Google Earth (GE).

A couple of thoughts… What about having both a GE option AND an API option (like your PHM-schools page)? It would be nice for times that GE isn’t available or can’t be installed. Photos and a link in the description would be a nice addition as well.

And what about the Hummer plant? I think that’s worth adding to the tour! 🙂

Great work!


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