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by Nick Molnar on January 15, 2007

Know a good plumber? How about a locksmith or termite company? Because knowing the right people to call matters, we’ve created MichianaReviews – a web-site with home service vendors sorted by specialty and reviewed by the public. Next time you are looking for a reliable roofer visit MichianaReviews for suggestions. If you want to spread the word that your concrete company was flat out the best, submit them for consideration. If you have a good or bad experience with someone on the list, leave a comment to help their next client know what to expect.

MichianaReviews – Michiana’s place for help with home repairs and services.

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Jeff January 18, 2007 at 10:42 am

I recently acted as general contractor for our home construction,and would like to offer the following recomendations.If you are considering contracting on your own,try to obtain three quotes for each job.Rely heavly on recomendations from trusted people that have knowledge of the industry.I personally would recomend Bruce Fisher Concrete for your foundation work.Burke Concrete for flat work,driveways,floors,etc. Big C lumber,all though more expensive,has excellent service for delivery of lumber supplies.ABC Supply for roofing and siding.Behr Custom Plumbing for rough plumbing.Herbs Drywall Service for drywall work.Jeff King Masonry for all stone or brick work.Dave Moffett for heating and air conditioning work.


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