New Condo Sales Near Notre Dame: Where and How Much?

by Nick Molnar on August 12, 2016

Multi-family development hasn’t slowed in the cities near Notre Dame,  but it has evolved. Five years ago, it was easy to count off handfuls of announced and in-progress condo communities near Notre Dame. They were mostly full of for-sale condos. Today, there are at least eight multi-family building projects in some stage of planning or construction in South Bend and four in Mishawaka – and they are almost all for rent apartment communities.  There are developers still working on condos, but the environment has changed.

That shift from build-to-sell towards build-to-rent marks the end of a ten year Notre Dame area condo boom, and makes it a great time to review the new condo market. We’ll write much more on the nuances of the various communities, the tax implications, and the resale market. But a good first step is to assess the simple size of the market, which many people underestimate.

This burst of condo development in South Bend started with Dublin Village in 2006. But it gained momentum with the projects at Wexford Place, Stadium Village, Ivy Quad and Irish Crossings and hit full stride with the Eddy Street Commons communities of Champions Way, Legends Row, Victory View and Triumph Court.

These eight communities are now the core of the newer condo market near Notre Dame. They have about 350 individual properties and around 1,050 bedrooms. Despite those large numbers, they aren’t yet individually well known. Many sold directly from builders to owners who don’t live in South Bend. Because of that, these sales aren’t as often included in Realtors’ statistics, and they aren’t often discussed like local neighborhoods full of long term residents. But with hundreds of sales and a median price over $400k, these condos are a significant piece of the South Bend real estate market.

Here is the most basic info on these condos at a glance: where they are and their sales prices.
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How Much?


0.4 – 0.7 miles from the
football stadium’s 50 yard line

$222,260 – $1,221,685
median price: $410,000

Condo Sales Prices Near Notre Dame 2007-2016


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