Price Jumps, Price Drops and All 84 New Listings

by Nick Molnar on November 15, 2008

There are 84 ‘new’ properties for sale in the South Bend mls this week. That includes a few that switched Realtors or companies, but generally covers the homes for sale this week that weren’t last week. Here are six of the most notable in terms of price change since their last sale.

Price Drops

56150 Butternut
last sold: 5/31/05 for $145,000
now at: $79,900

735 Bowman
last sold: 10/5/05 for $66,000
now at: $11,900

1119 E 3rd
last sold: 6/1/06 for $95,000
now at: $70,000


 Price Jumps

54716 Beaver Creek Trail
last sold: 8/11/08 for $252,000
now at: $479,000

510 Cushing
last sold: 9/17/08 for $14,200
now at: $80,000

1321 Miner
last sold: 2/22/08 for $13,500
now at: $59,900


all 84 new listings this week

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BG November 16, 2008 at 11:59 am

Well, 56150 Butternut looks like it has some damage from the previous owner who was foreclosed on, I presume.

If it is just drywall repair it would be a steal at that price. But I’m guessing there is some more serious damage there that the listing agent did not take pictures of.

I guess I’m glad to see that flipping isn’t dead. But someone should tell the owners of 1321 Miner that people generally like to have more than 3 tiny cabinets in a kitchen. And just because you have some extra floor tile left over doesn’t mean it is a good idea to use it as a backsplash. Nice shower though.


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