The Last Vestiges of Studebaker are Coming Down

by Nick Molnar on October 22, 2006

Studebaker was at one time an economic engine of South Bend, driving the city’s employment and prosperity. However, after the company parked its automobile division in 1966, the buildings remained. Recently, South Bend began to redevelop the site of Studebaker’s 39 acre stamping plant, “the single largest Brownfield Reclamation project in Indiana.” The area was unusable for years, but is now on its way towards new light industrial development and will be the home of the city bus service’s administrative headquarters and bus depot.

South Bend is renewing itself with major projects like the Studebaker demolition, Downtown Condos, and expansion at the airport. For more information on the South Bend’s future growth, check the comprehensive City Plan.

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Ex-Avanti worker November 1, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Just stumbled across your site. “Nice” to see pictures posted by people who are interested in this sort of thing. I took lots of some of the other old buildings before they came down, incl. Avanti and Standard Surplus. I was out of town when S.S demolition was proposed and approved. I don’t recall one public objection (at least any noted in the Tribune) on the grounds that it was the last truly ancient building going back to wagon days, especially after the Avanti bldg. was gone. They could have easily put the new jail a block or less away and have saved that bit of history (though I heard that mgmt. there could have cared less).

PS, if anyone is interested in an old document with Studebaker bro. signature on it, email me at


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