The Votes are in and the Most Wanted Features in South Bend Condos Are…

by Nick Molnar on March 18, 2008

Two weeks ago, I posted a poll asking what features people want in a South Bend Condo. We drew 228 votes, and the consensus is that people want:

a balcony, secure parking, a clubhouse, quality materials inside and out, views, private entrances, a downtown location, and a good price. (full breakdown of results)

The common truth that you can’t get everything you want, at the price you want, applies here. But in this case, you just might find, you get what you need in your South Bend / Mishawaka condo.

Balcony / Patio:
River Point Balconies

Winner: River Point condos have two large balconies overlooking the river, East Bank Trail and downtown.
Runners up: Irish Crossings, North Douglas, North Shore Club, Stadium Club, and Townes all have serviceable outdoor space.

Secure Parking:
Winners: How do you distinguish attached garages? Ashbury Park, Dublin Village, Erskine Manor, Irish Crossings, River Point, Wexford Place, Townes at Kamm Island and Stonebridge all have them.

Winner: Stonebridge offers residents a large, gorgeous clubhouse with billiards, tv, fitness room and pool.
Runners up: North Douglas has a well decorated clubhouse, fitness room and (soon) a pool.
Also rans: New London Lake, North Shore Club, Oak Hill, Topsfield, and Woodbridge have clubhouses.

Partial brick construction:
Irish Crossings Condos near Notre Dame
Winner: tie between River Point, which is all brick and Irish Crossings, which is the most attractive overall.
Runners up: North Douglas, Wexford Place, Stonebridge.

Modern upgrades inside:
Winners: Irish Crossings, Townes and Stonebridge, all are new construction with many upgrades available
Runners up: some units at Oak Hill, Wexford Place.

Winner: Townes at Kamm Island has great views of the river and many windows.
Runner up: North Shore Club has many units with water views, at a much lower price than Townes.
Also rans: River Point, Woodbridge

Private Entrances:
Winners: Every condo with a private attached garage, see our secure parking winners above.
Also rans: North Douglas, Oak Hill and Woodbridge have private doors.

Downtown Location:
No contestants. River Point is the closest.

Under 150k:
Winner: Topsfield is the best value in South Bend condos, and in a posh neighborhood too.
Runner up: North Douglas, best value in new construction
Also rans: East Jefferson, New London Lake, North Shore Club, Somers Square, Stadium Club and Woodbridge.

Want to know more about any of these complexes? Visit the South Bend Condo Guide.

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Condo Man March 18, 2008 at 1:14 pm

A couple of things to note, that most people don’t know.

River Point only includes part of the land…that is, the vacant part to the east is owned separately and is not part of the condo/townhome development/ownership if you buy a unit. That may be an issue later, I don’t know. It is something to be aware of.

Ashbury Park is sorta messed up in my opinion (really messed up). It is comprised of 2 condos. Yes two. One was built by one builder and included attached units. The second was built (mostly?) by Weiss Homes and is still a condominium (horizontal property regime) even though they are single detached homes yet they/sellers/whomever claim that you buy the land with it in “fee simple”. Not true, you don’t buy a lot. I don’t know how a title company can close on these units with no active condo association, etc. I would be very careful to read the deeds and get a second opinion from another title company. To me, the whole property arrangement is a mess. I looked into it, was told many inaccurate things by the realtor, reviewed the matter, and said nope don’t want to get involved with that. It is something that needs to be reviewed by any prospective buyer.


Angry Owner April 7, 2008 at 12:58 pm

I am a resident of Irish Crossings and would like to make a few comments on my experience. I only intend to provide facts and the list of issues is not all inclusive. The floor levels in the unit are ground, first, and second. The ground level has a living space, a mechanical room, closets, and a garage.

– Water in the ground level of my unit 4 times. Issue 1: Sump pump not functioning properly and water backs up into unit. Issue 2: Sump pump still not working properly and water backs up. Issue 3: During repairs of issue 2, a construction worker disconnects the hose between the drain and water softener, which allows water to discharge on the ground level. Issue 4: Cause still unclear to me, but related to furnace.
– Hot water heater stopped working twice.
– Toilet on first floor installed with a crack in the basin and leaked water.
– Had to hire mold remediation people 4 times. Developer told me he had taken courses on mold and once you cut off the water source, mold cannot survive. I had to locate and hire a company the first time to prove there was mold.
– Cold spots and warm spots. My unit has many cold spots and warm spots. A subcontractor of the developer redesigned the HVAC system onsite.
– Floors. The floor above the garage was freezing during the winter. My feet actually went numb once. I know that outdoor air was entering the walls because I found a spot where cold air was blowing in under a gap in cabinets. I also have cold air coming in through the nook above my fireplace.
– Rust above my front door. I moved into the unit in September 2007 and already have rust coming through paint above my front door.
– Large crack in the garage floor.
– Ducting. Flex duct was used in the floor between the ground level and first floor. There is construction debris in the ducts and we do not know how to clean it out because the crevices in flex duct hold the debris in. This has been troubling for me because I sneeze often when in the unit.

As a result of the water issues, the lower level of my unit was essentially unusable from 10/13/07 through 2/1/08. I put fitness equipment in a room on the ground level and had to move the equipment to the garage over the October to February period.

Will I ever buy a preconstruction home again? No. Will I ever buy a new construction home again? Possibly.


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