Eddy Street Commons’ Legends Row Reservations Begin Monday

by Nick Molnar on October 17, 2008

1/28/11 update: Legends Row was postponed. The Champions Way City Homes, another Eddy Street Commons offering with 62 townhomese is in progress and 30-40% complete. Here is my January 2011 update on Champions Way at Eddy Street Commons.

Legends Row is the first batch of condos at Eddy Street Commons to start taking money. On 10/20/08, Kite will begin collecting $10,000 deposits to reserve the 49 units. The condos start at $224,419 and top out at $420,204…before options and upgrades. They run 793 – 1,843 square feet, or $214 – $301 per square foot. Based on Kite’s other developments and Highline Construction’s other condos in the area, they will likely be attractive homes. But they are priced above anything else in the area, including other new condos when compared on an apples to apples basis (by square feet).

But for a stunning savings, compare Legends Row to a single family house in a nice neighborhood.

Eddy Street Commons Neighborhood Home
location Legends Row unit A1 1027 Rosemary Lane
price $238,419 $135,000
square feet 793 1,866
bedrooms 1 3
baths 1.5 2
parking public garage private 2-car garage
to stadium .44 miles 1.0 miles
other amongst retail stores finished lower level

One way to think of it is that you could buy a spacious brick ranch in a nice neighborhood and something from the BMW 5-series and still have piles of cash to spend at the Eddy Street Commons shops for the same price as a low end condo in Eddy Street Commons.

If you want help making further comparisons, or finding a great property near Notre Dame, let me know.
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Lou October 18, 2008 at 1:16 am

Yep, these puppies are pricey. Obviously not focused on the locals for sales. One wonders how much interest there is with Weis in his 4th and midway through the season ND football is unranked, especially after coming off one of the worst seasons in ND history? Happy 20th anniversary! That is, since the last ND national championship. Do you realize that the freshman and sophomores weren’t even born yet the last time ND won a national championship. Grandpa’s team is quickly becoming great-grandpa’s team. I wonder how the ND football fan housing market will fair in this economic environment? Clearly, some will get sold, but how many and how fast at these prices? Throwing down a half-million in South Bend can get you a heck of a lot nearby. Would be interesting to see what a half-million buys you in the area compared to these? At least 2 BMW’s for sure.


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