Homes on the St Joe River: Baugo Bay

March 23, 2009

Baugo Bay is the widest part of the St. Joseph River, at .72 miles bank to bank. This is the one place in St. Joe County where riverfront homes come with views that rival lakes.    There are two riverfront homes for sale with Baugo Bay views at this time.  One is 10586 Jefferson, which has […]

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New Flood Plain Maps are Available for St. Joseph County

July 23, 2007

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has released updated maps of flood plains in St. Joseph County. These could affect your insurance rates and, of course, inform you of the likelihood your property may one day be flooded. You can see the maps on the Indiana DNR’s web-site here, and read the South Bend Tribune’s article […]

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The St. Joseph River in South Bend

February 14, 2007

The St. Joseph River originates in Michigan, dips into Indiana, then curves North again to empty into Lake Michigan near Benton Harbor. In Indiana, the largest cities along it’s banks are Elkhart, Mishawaka, and South Bend. Each of these cites has managed its river frontage in a different way. In Elkhart the banks are gradual, […]

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Five Spots to Get Soaked Near South Bend

January 10, 2007

When I returned to South Bend I was worried about living in a city so far from the ocean. After all, Indiana is in the landlocked Midwest and doesn’t even have a famous river like the Colorado or Mississippi. I’ve been here for seven months now, and I’m happy to report my fears were groundless. […]

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Photos From Around Michiana

October 31, 2006

Follow this link to view a slideshow of the  Michiana photos that have appeared on the BendAreaBlog since its launch on April 11th.

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