Moving Up to a Lesser House

June 23, 2009

Nobody goes to a sick doctor, a skinny cook, or a lawyer in jail. When I’m working with an expert I ask “what would you do? It cuts to the heart of the matter. Not sure what to order for dinner? Ask the waitress what she eats on break. Trying to decide on a traditional […]

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Pre-war Restoration and the Opposite of a Condominium

December 30, 2007

I write a lot about condominiums on the South Bend Area Blog, because it’s an active market that I watch closely and because there aren’t many good places on the web to learn about them. In South Bend, a condo’s primary appeal is its simplicity. For the same price you can usually find a larger […]

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How to get city water in a South Bend foreclosure without a meter

December 20, 2007

Today I spent many hours arranging water service to an investment property. After creating an account with the South Bend water department and making an appointment to have water turned on at the house, I met the technician during a 7 am to 11 am window at the property. At its simplest, turning on water […]

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