American Trust Place: Downtown South Bend Condos

September 14, 2009

Several condo plans have been announced for downtown South Bend which never reached the stage in which people buy the condos and move in. Since I’ve been paying attention, I’ve registered four Downtown South Bend condo projects that failed to materialize: In 2006 the  GameDay Centers announced they’d construct a 12-story building with 150 luxury […]

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Ivy Quad: New Condos Near Notre Dame

September 11, 2009

editor’s update, 1/28/11: The four buildings that make up phase 1 of Ivy Quad are nearly complete. For updated information, including 2010 sales prices and recent photos, visit our January 2011 Ivy Quad Update. Ivy Quad might be the most recently occupied townhouse or condo development near the University of Notre Dame, located just east […]

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Open Forum: South Bend – Mishawaka Condos and Townhomes

February 20, 2009

Condos have been the South Bend Area’s biggest real estate bubble. Prices and interest rose dramatically over the past several years as football fans, students and investors seemed to have a boundless appetite for real estate without the maintenance. And hundreds of new units were built or announced.  Some of the projects have sold well, […]

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Notre Dame Condo Building Boom Covered in the South Bend Tribune

November 2, 2008

South Bend’s local newspaper, The South Bend Tribune, carried an article that provides an overview of the new condo developments near the University of Notre Dame. Reporters Marti Goodland Helline and Margaret Fosmoe ask the right questions about the continued construction in the face of slacking demand, unfortunately the newspaper format didn’t allow them time […]

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New Feature in the Local Newspaper on New Notre Dame Condos Coming Soon

October 30, 2008

The South Bend Tribune is preparing a follow up to their March 2007 coverage of new condos near Notre Dame. I’ll be sure to include a link to the story when they run it, but you can expect that they spoke to the people behind the projects, and that they all said sales have slowed […]

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